Backing up your files to OneDrive

As of September, your school laptop will no longer be backed up to our servers. Therefore, you need to make sure that your work documents are all stored somewhere safely. We are recommending that your store everything in your OneDrive – this is part of your Office 365 account, which is provided through the school, and has the advantage of allowing you to access your documents securely from anywhere on any device.

We want to make sure that your files are all safe, and can be retrieved if your device is lost or damaged, and we’re giving you plenty of notice so that you can move your files over the summer.

The videos below show you how to set up your OneDrive to work with Finder on your computer, how to move your existing files over to your OneDrive and also how to save directly into OneDrive from any program on your computer.

Remember, this is only for your work documents – personal music, videos and photos need to be stored on either an external hard drive or into your iCloud account.



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