New Staff!!

Calling all new Bryanston staff! This post contains (hopefully!) all the information you’ll need to negotiate the first few weeks of the term as a technological aficionado…more or less!

You will hopefully have all attended the IT Induction and will have had a brief introduction to the Bryanston IT systems. However, there is a lot of information to take in, so this post should serve as a reminder for you about how various things work.

The Portal: this is where all the academic things live. Where assignments are set and marks are given to pupils via the eChart.

The videos below will show you how to use the Portal, what the eLocker is, how to create folders and set assignments, and how to add marks to the eChart.









iSAMS: all the information about the pupils lives here – tutor details, house, parent contact, which sets they are in etc. You can also find photos and set lists in iSAMS.

You can access iSAMS by going to: – there is a link to it on the Intranet home page. Log in with your usual details, and the video below shows you how to access your class lists and also get photo lists of your students. There are more videos about iSAMS in the IT Help section on the Intranet.



This iSAMS Basics Handout gives you a step by step guide to using iSAMS – if you need any further help, please contact Hannah in IT.

Your OneDrive is where you will save all the files that you create on your laptop.

The video below shows you how to access and use your OneDrive, and there is a separate post which gives you more information about Office 365 in general, including how to share documents with others.



Hopefully these videos will be helpful to you in navigating through the Bryanston IT systems – please do come and see us up in IT if you need any help at all, or send an email to eSupport.

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