Keeping School Data Safe


Personal data is anything that can identify a living person, so as teachers we have, and produce, a great deal of this.

The policy that is produced by the school is there to give you guidance in a Bryanston context, but please remember that data protection is a matter of law and breaches carry very large penalties.

Here are come top tips for keeping the school’s data safe…

  • Turn off or log off you laptop at the end of the day.
  • Have a six digit passcode on your phone/tablet.
  • Don’t use removable storage (USB stick or external hard disk) to store any school data. This is really important – the only exception to this is if the device has an encryption device built into it – advice is available from IT.
  • If you have school email configured on your phone, don’t allow others to share your phone. You’re never sure just how sensitive an email might be.
  • Take care of any equipment provided to you – laptops and iPads are very attractive targets, and the information they store is as valuable, if not more so, than the actual device.
  • Try and avoid printing out lists containing information about pupils. If you do, then store it in a secure place and destroy it when no longer needed – don’t simply put it in the bin.

Hopefully this will help you navigate the minefield of keeping data safe. If you need any advice, please do pop in to the IT Department for a chat.

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